From: Sandra - Fresno, California - Singles Entertainment Mixers 

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I met Dave in the Spring of 2018. He is a charismatic fella that I was instantly drawn to as a new friend. Little did I know - that I would be working with him just a few short months later. I network with over one thousand singles in Fresno County - as our group gets together frequently for dinners, dancing, bar-b-ques, cocktail parties, etc. When the moment arrived for our very first cocktail-dance party, I knew I would need someone who was experienced, affordable, and most importantly reliable. There is a lot of planning (and stress!) that comes with event planning. Having Dave take care of all of the DJ work was a huge lifesaver. He's always the first guy in, and the last one out. Our parties are "ALL AGES" so we get guests coming in the door who are in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's. You would think this would be an impossible task to get the crowds socializing and dancing with such a huge age spread, including each individual having their own taste in music - but together - we make it work with a huge venue and an awesome DJ. Our social network's mission is to bring HAPPINESS to singles of ALL AGES. Having Dave coordinate the most important part of the event has been a huge contribution to our success. Not only does he keep our guests dancing ALL NIGHT, but we continue to get rave reviews days and even weeks after the event is over. Dave is constantly updating his music library and knows that the right sound can make any party a great bonding experience for all guests alike. I would proudly give Dave a recommendation, or if you would like to visit and see him in action at one of our public events, you can contact me at: (559) 281-7878 or at Thanks. Sandra =)

From: Georgia - Clovis, California - Neighborhood Watch Block Party

From: Tom and Karen - Fresno, California - Wedding

Dear Mr. Crosby,
Thank you so much for playing for our Neighborhood Watch Block Party again this year. You "rocked the block," and everyone commented on how much your tremendous variety of music appealed to so many of us, young and old alike. 

From: Michael and Shelly - Concord, California - Wedding

Danceworks DJs was recommended to me by a business associate when I needed a DJ for my mothers surprise 65th birthday party. I met with Dave about two weeks before the party to go over the details. I was immediately put at ease by Dave's pleasant and professional demeanor. His knowledge and experience convinced me that I had found the right man for the job. The party was a success and I was thrilled with the music selection that was played at our party. Dave, it has been a pleasure working with you, I will be sure to recommend you to all of my friends, family, and colleagues. 

How Can I thank you enough? Our fund-raiser was over the top, and through it all, your music brought us all together. We have a sort of eclectic group, with some in their 30's and others well into their 70's, and it has always been hard for us to find someone who can play music for EVERYONE - and somehow, you managed it. We were well over our goal, and the money you helped us raise in this great event will help us continue to send our medical missions to developing countries and save lives. We will be in touch with you next year and, if you are available, we would love to have you come back.

From: Lisa - Fresno, California - Surprise Birthday Party

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(559) 797-2090

Yesterday, Michael and I went over all the amazing photos that were taken at our wedding and reception. We were in tears more than once, thinking of all the great wishes our family and friends shared with us, and for your memorable music. Thank you especially for knowing the "Lullaby" song by Richard Marx, and for playing it as I danced with my Dad. The memories it brought back were so special, I'll never forget that dance. I will keep your number, and we will get in touch for our anniversaries. Warm Wishes, Michael and Shelly

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Fundraiser - Alliance For Smiles - San Francisco, California

Dave, thank you for assisting us at our wedding. Your attention to detail is fantastic - you really listened to what was important to me. As many people know, planning a wedding is no easy task. Hiring your company was one of the best investments we made, and most importantly, we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. All of your songs had great beats and got everyone on the dance floor, including the kids, teenagers, parents, and even those that I haven't seen dance in ages. ​Thanks again for a terrific night! 

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